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The Store-Checkers is a research tool which crowd-sources data collection to inform companies on their distribution, competitors, prices and merchandising in China. Based on apps (Android, iOS and Android-like COS), the store-checkers makes it possible for companies to get real-time field data from all over China. The Store-Checkers has pionneered technological tools retail audits, price monitoring and store checks. With a market of more than 10 billion USD in China for merchandising alone, the Store-Checkers can help SMEs and MNCs track and understand the Chinese market with real, on-the-ground data. Once the data is collected, companies are able to analyze the information on a dashboard in real time within 24 hours after the store-check campaign is launched.

SemSeo Inc. is the digital marketing agency (SEO, SEM, Buzz) which makes it possible for companies to get result within limited amount of time and limited investment. Their approach is both massive and agile with content and buzz. SemSeo Inc is based in Shanghai with a team of Americans, Vietnamese, Chinese and French.

logo-lepeignoirLePeignoir is an ecommerce company dedicated to the homewear business, selling bathrobes, dressing gown and pajamas.